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10 Most Powerful Attacks in One Piece

One Piece

In the realm of One Piece, a source of great fascination lies in the awe-inspiring displays of power unleashed by its characters during fierce battles. However, what piques curiosity most is the inquiry into the mightiest Attacks in One Piece.

10.Kid’s Punk Clash

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : Game Rant

“Punk Clash” signifies Eustass Kid’s ability, utilizing the awakening power of the Jiki Jiki no Mi, his Devil Fruit. With this power, Kid transformed Big Mom into a highly magnetic entity, with polarity manipulation at his command. This maneuver created vulnerabilities that Kid exploited to confront the Yonko, culminating in the execution of “Punk Clash,” the most devastating attack within his arsenal.

9.Trafalgar Law’s Puncture Wille

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : GameSpot

While the moniker “Puncture Wille” may seem whimsical, the attack itself is far from a jest. After incapacitating an opponent, Law positions himself above them and impales them with his Kikoku. His assault extends beyond the physical form, delving into the very earth. This maneuver generates colossal shockwaves, inducing implosion in all entities touched by the blade. Law employed this technique to wound Big Mom, an accomplishment that eludes most. It also left behind a colossal crater near the Flower Capital.

8.Zoro’s Three-Sword Serpent:103 Mercies Dragon Damnation

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : Wallpaperflare

This remarkable ability, acquired by Zoro through the blade Enma, bestowed upon him by Hiori in exchange for Shusui’s return to the Land of Wano, is aptly named the “King of Hell” or “En-ou,” in reverence to the sword’s infamous reputation, making it the most powerful Attacks in One Piece.

7.Blackbeard’s Black Hole

Blackbeard's Black Hole
Credits : Ranker

The name “Blackbeard’s Black Hole” aptly describes this formidable attack, yet its predictability does not diminish its terror. By disseminating his darkness, Blackbeard manifests objects resembling black holes, drawing in and annihilating all within their proximity. Notably, he once obliterated the entirety of Banaro Island.

6.Kaido’s Conqueror of Three Worlds Ragnaraku

Kaido's Conqueror of Three Worlds Ragnaraku
Credits : Pinterest

In his Human-Beast form, Kaido seizes his Hassaikai with both hands, propels himself into the air, and initiates a rapid spin. As momentum builds, he infuses the attack with Haoshoku Haki. The resultant impact is of such magnitude that it rendered Luffy unconscious upon their initial encounter.

5.Kozuki Oden’s Togen Totsuka

Kozuki Oden's Togen Totsuka
Credits : DevianArt

An offshoot of Oden’s Two Sword Style, this technique entails the reinforcement of both swords with Ryuo, followed by the release of a cross-shaped slash upon the intended target. Its most noteworthy application was in a confrontation with Kaido, marking one of the few instances where Kaido sustained any injury, solidifying its status as one of the most potent techniques conceivable, making it the most powerful Attacks in One Piece.

4. Big Mom & Kaido’s Combo Attack

Big Mom & Kaido's Hakai
Credits : Reddit

Individually, an attack from either Kaido or Big Mom possesses the potential to halt most adversaries in their tracks. Yet, their combined assault emerges as virtually insurmountable. In their Human-Beast and Cognac-forms, respectively, Kaido swings his Hassaikai while Big Mom wields her Napoleon. This combination unleashes a shockwave that decimates everything within its expansive radius, dwarfing even the expanse of Onigashima island. Zoro, despite his extraordinary prowess, sustained grievous injuries while attempting to thwart this cataclysmic strike.

3. Monkey D. Luffy’s Gum-Gum Bajrang Gun

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : Reddit

Luffy’s Bajrang Gun represents the fifth evolution of his Gear abilities, akin to the King Kong Gun. It allows him to inflate his fist to the size of an island, infusing it with Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki, and subsequently unleashing an unimaginably devastating blow capable of inflicting substantial harm without direct contact. Its inaugural employment was against Kaido, resulting in a substantial cavity in the Emperor’s form, making it the most powerful Attacks in One Piece.

2. Gol D. Roger’s Divine Departure

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : Youtube

Divine Departure, also known as the Godly Avoidance, marks an extraordinary technique used by Gol D. Roger in his climactic clash with Kozuki Oden. It manifests as a horizontal slashing assault, intensified by the infusion of his sword with Haoshoku Haki. This move proved potent enough to shatter both of Oden’s swords and send him hurtling through the air.

1. Whitebeard’s Shima Yurashi

Attacks in One Piece
Credits : Fandom

Thanks to the mastery of his Quake-Quake Fruit, Whitebeard wields near-absolute control over his surroundings. Employing Shima Yurashi, he can manipulate the very fabric of an island, as if seizing it from the air itself. This prodigious display occurred at Marineford, nearly obliterating the entire island, reducing numerous structures to rubble, and sending a colossal giant tumbling, making it the most powerful Attacks in One Piece.

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