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7 Best Money making Colour Prediction game [Sep 2023]

Colour Prediction game

A current trend is earning money through online gaming. Today, there are a variety of ways to make money online. And one such game is earning money by predicting the outcome’s colour.

We’re going to recommend some of the top colour prediction games, and by playing them, you can earn cash just by guessing the colours of the results.

1. VClub Colour Prediction App 🟢🔴

Colour Prediction game

With a legitimate operation certificate provided by the Indian government, VClub has been in business for more than three years.

This game has some great features, such as the free bonus of 121Rs that you receive when you join Vclub. So, if you’re just getting started, you can use the signum bonus amount to start playing this game. Additionally, you can increase the amount of money in your wallet by using the recommend and earn option. You can receive 250Rs for each recommendation, plus an additional commission if your friend introduces more individuals to you.

1. Fast withdrawal options
2. Refer and earn feature
3. legal operation certificate issued.
4. sign-up bonus amount of ₹121
1. The most you can bet in one session is 10 Rs.
2. To withdraw their winnings, players must deposit at least 200 Rs
3. chance of losing money
4. addictive.

2. ColorWiz Colour Prediction Game 🟢🔴

Colour Prediction game

The following color-prediction game on our list is Colorwiz. The idea behind this game is the same: after selecting a color from the palette, you must predict what color will come next. You will receive points if you correctly guess the color. Try Colorwiz if you’re seeking for a quick and simple approach to earn money by just using your capacity for prediction.

In addition to this, ColorWiz provides a variety of other opportunities, including games and activities, to make more money quickly. You can do a lot of things in addition to playing and making color predictions, such as do assignments and enter drawings for prizes.

1. Low investment
2. registration process is simple and straightforward
3. Quick and easy payment withdrawal
4. Ability to earn daily money
Risk of financial loss
Internet connectivity dependence
might not be accessible in all areas or nations.
On occasion, the server crashes.

3. MantriMalls Colour Prediction Game 🟢🔴

Colour Prediction game

Another color guessing game to earn money online with little effort is Mantrimall. You only need to make an educated guess as to which color will be displayed on the screen next, just like in any other color prediction game.
Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emred are the four different prediction game types offered by Mantrimall. You can view various videos on YouTube or join telegram channels to gain ideas for predictions and other strategies.

website. – Mantrimall’s Official site

Pros Cons
1. Little investment is required.
2. opportunity to daily increase earnings
3. Options for referral Earnings
4. streamlined withdrawal procedure
1. High risk of losing money
2. Dependence on luck
3. Can be an Addiction for others
4. Lack of transparency

4. Flipwin Colour Prediction App 🟢🔴

The Agent Million Cash Growth Plan, is one special feature of FieWin. Effective users are those who recharge for more than 100 rupees; by referring these users, one can profit handsomely through FlipWin without taking any risks or doing much effort.

Colour Prediction game
1. The daily check-in reward of Rs. 2
2. The app’s user interface is simple
3. FlipWin has a large user base
4. Everyone benefits from the three levels of referral programs.
1. It can take a while to transfer the money to the bank
2. The app heavily relies on referrals, and it may be difficult to earn money
3. There may be risks associated with inviting effective users

5. Cooe colour prediction game 🟢🔴

This game combines six thrilling games into one. Anyone may easily use the app and begin playing games thanks to its straightforward user interface (UI). By foreseeing the match or by recommending the app to your friends, you can use the color prediction option to earn money. Your referrals pay you a 45% commission, and level 2 pays you an additional 20%.

Colour Prediction game

By foreseeing the match or by recommending the app to your friends, you can use the color prediction option to earn money. Your referrals pay you a 45% commission, and level 2 pays you an additional 20%.

Pros Cons
1. Offers a variety of games to earn money
2. Good User Interface
3. Offers a sign-up bonus and referral bonus
4. Provides daily bonuses to users
1.There is a chance of financial loss.
2. The referral income structure may seem complicated to certain users.
3. Sometimes the game shows too much uncertainty

6. Fastwin Colour Prediction Game 🟢🔴

Fastwin is a game app that not only predicts colors but also provides users with access to games like Andar Bahar, Minesweeper, JetX, Ludo, and Dice.

Colour Prediction game

By participating in these games, you can make real money. You simply need to create an account, fund it, and begin playing to get going.
This app gives 505Rs for each invitation. A 50 reward bonus is also given to the invited user, and the referrer receives commissions of 150 after the first recharge and 100 after the third recharge. Using UPI or direct bank information, you can transfer the earned commission straight to your bank account.

1. events like IPL prediction
2. The app also offers a variety of games
3. Fast withdrawals to your UPI account
4.  start playing games with a minimum investment of just Rs. 10
1.Risk of losing money
3.Legal concerns
4.No customer support

7. Colour Prediction Game 🟢🔴

Given that it contains the brand name “Reliance,” the name seems to be quite well known. This app offers a Rs. 50 registration bonus. Utilizing the refer option will also earn you money. You will receive Rs. 200 from the app for each referral.

Colour Prediction game

The absence of a signup bonus is one negative aspect of the app. So, you must deposit $100 in order to begin playing the game.

This app’s withdrawal system is really strong. They have an effective withdrawal system to stop scams and criminals’ money laundering.

1. Provides a registration bonus of Rs.50
2. A good Referral income
3. You can use the colour prediction game on the browser itself
4. Multiple game options
5. secure withdrawal easily
1. An initial Deposit is required
2. Withdrawals depend on a user’s total betting 3. turnover
4. Addiction risk
5. Not available on iOS

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