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7 Most Likely Fan Theories About Shanks One Piece

Shanks One Piece

7 Elaborate Fan Theories

The world of “One Piece” is a treasure trove of mysteries, and few characters embody this enigma more than Red-Haired Shanks. In this article, we delve deep into the realm of fan theories to unveil the hidden layers of Shanks’ character and his potential role in the grand narrative of the series.

1. He Misled Luffy About His Devil Fruit Power

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

My hypothesis is that although Luffy has always had some control over his form, he mistakenly thought he was rubber since Shanks told him that right away. Characters have frequently remarked that Luffy was not acting like rubber; yet, because Luffy may not have had the finest understanding of rubber, he may have made assumptions about certain things that would work, and because of those assumptions, they did.

Examples include Lucci’s claim that Gear 3 would not cause as much harm as a real, enormous fist, which it did. Or the way that the punches in Gear 4 seem to be physically bouncing off the air. My best opinion is that Luffy’s body did so because he believed rubber would function that way.Since he believed himself to be rubber, he had somewhat of a self-imposed limit. However, in circumstances where he misinterpreted how rubber functioned, things would still work for him.

2. He’s Based Off The Norse God, Tyr

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

We can learn a lot about Shanks’ future from this notion. The Norse god Tyr is thought to be the inspiration for Shanks’ persona. One of the deeds Tyr is renowned for is giving his arm to Fenrir, the wolf son of Loki, as a guarantee to restrain him and uphold law and order in Asgard. There are already parallels between him losing an arm to a large beast. Tyr and Shanks have the same red hair, are both master swordsmen, and possess an unfathomable sense of justice. Additionally, Shanks owns a Viking ship.

Elbaf can also represent Shanks’ arc given all the Viking symbology. Another prophecy stated that a three-headed hell hound would devour Tyr. Where have I heard the phrase “three heads” before? That’s correct, Blackbeard might kill Shanks, which would make sense given that Shanks has taken Blackbeard seriously throughout their relationship. It’s not hard to understand where Oda’s inspiration came from, in my opinion.

3. He Purposely Let Luffy Eat the Devil Fruit

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

What if Shanks, rather than the Fruit, had picked Luffy?

Now, everyone got the same impression after it was learned that Shanks was a Yonko. Why would Shanks sacrifice his arm for a youngster he met in East Blue alone? Why would he fall to a mere Sea King if he was so strong? Everyone simply assumed that Shanks’ weakness at the time was to blame, but what if Shanks lost his arm because he held off on saving Luffy? He considered letting Luffy pass away and giving [the Fruit] to a more deserving recipient. He was unsure. However, inherited will connects to the series’ main ideas and to the concepts of One Piece.

He recognized Roger’s dream from Luffy’s [dream] and decided to save him by giving him the Fruit.

This relates to his arm as well; he wasn’t [too] frail to take on the Sea King. It may be argued that his hesitation made it necessary for him to give up his arm in order to save Luffy. When, no, he consented to get his limb amputated as payback for failing to save his comrade Luffy and disappointing the world by selecting this youngster. The globe required a Joyboy. Someone has to bring daybreak to the world. Although Luffy was a member of the Will of D., carrying that Devil Fruit is a different story.

Because, in the words of Shanks, “I bet it on a new era,” The world’s future was decided by his choice that day, and it was a risk that paid off.

4. Shanks Can See into the Future

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

I believe Shanks has the ability to look far into the future. I experience this every time Shanks shows up and speaks. He is aware that something will occur. Here are a few occasions:

Whitebeard and Shanks meet: Shanks is a Yonko. He has made special effort to ask Whitebeard to halt Ace’s pursuit of Blackbeard. I initially believed he was worried about Ace. However, it was clear from his use of the phrase “era of recklessness” that a significant event would occur if Ace and BB clashed.

When Shanks stopped Akainu, he thanked Coby and said that the few seconds he had purchased had significantly altered the course of history.

Cutting off Kid’s Arm: At first, it appeared out of character for Shanks to cut off Kid’s arm, but it ultimately saved Kid’s life. Did he anticipate it happening?

Shanks had a meeting with Gorosei to inform them of a specific pirate. Cipher Pol intelligence is controlled by [The World Government]. They will be the first to know if something significant has already occurred. Who is the infamous pirate Shanks was referring to? How did Shanks discover that he would be a threat? Has he seen the future so far?

5. He Is a Celestial Dragon

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

I think Rocks D. Xebec killed Shanks because he was the Celestial Dragons’ offspring on God Valley.who could possibly be Blackbeard’s father.

The tragedy on God Valley is connected to almost all of the most formidable pirates in the One Piece universe, including the Four Emperors. Kaido, Linlin, Whitebeard, and Roger were all directly involved in the battle. Garp, who may have been the father of Blackbeard, fought alongside Roger when Xebec instigated the conflict. Thus, all the Emperors have been identified with the exception of one . At this stage in the novel, Red-Haired Shanks is the only member of the Emperor class who has no evident connections to the conflict on God Valley.

I think Shanks was produced by the Celestial Dragons in God Valley. Given that he is 39 years old, the incident occurred one year before his birth.

Additional evidence points to Shanks’ noble ancestry. Sengoku accepts the truce when Shanks arrives to put an end to the Battle of Marineford because of Shanks’ status. Shanks has access to Pangea Castle, where he can order a gathering of the Five Elders. Imu and Mihawk both have similar iris patterns. Mihawk is Shanks’ well-known foe. Why would a pirate, even one as strong as Shanks, be able to hold such authority? Despite being one of the most notorious pirates in history, Shanks must have made friends with the global government.

6. He Was a Decoy for Buggy as an Infant

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

This theory takes an unconventional approach, suggesting that Shanks was deliberately picked up as a decoy baby in the West Blue. Roger, recognizing his potential, intended for Shanks to divert attention from the true son of Rocks, potentially Buggy, who was also aboard Roger’s ship. This theory offers a fresh perspective on the dynamics between Shanks and Buggy.

7. He Is Rocks D. Xebec’s Son

Shanks One Piece
Photo: One Piece / Toei Animation

I think Shanks could be Rocks’ child.

Speculation arises that Shanks could be the son of Rocks D. Xebec. The theory argues that Shanks was present at the God Valley Incident as an infant, and his discovery by Roger and Garp led to his upbringing by Roger. This theory provides a plausible reason for Roger’s trust in Garp to protect Ace.

These fan theories add layers of complexity to Red-Haired Shanks, one of “One Piece’s” most enigmatic characters. While the truth remains shrouded in mystery, it’s these theories that keep fans eagerly anticipating the unfolding of Shanks’ backstory and his future role in the series.


These intricate fan theories cast Red-Haired Shanks in a new light, illuminating the depths of his character and the potential significance of his role in the “One Piece” narrative. While these speculations remain shrouded in mystery, they serve as a testament to the enduring fascination with Shanks and the anticipation surrounding his past and future within the series.

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