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Lisa Vs Jisoo : The Ultimate Comparison

Lisa vs Jisoo

In the world of global Music Industry , two names have consistently stood out and captivated the hearts of millions: Lisa Vs Jisoo

In this comparison, we’ll highlight their Awards & Achievements , Net worth , Social Media following and much more , shedding light on what makes both Jisoo and Lisa standout stars in the world . We will be attempting to answer the question: Lisa Vs Jisoo – Who is more famous?

Lisa Vs Jisoo : Popularity Comparison

Lisa Vs Jisoo

1. Social Media Followers :

Let’s break down their global appeal:


  • Instagram: Approximately 76 million followers.
  • Spotify: Approximately 5.6 million Monthly Listeners


  • Instagram: Approximately 98.2 million followers.
  • Spotify: Approximately 9.6 million Monthly Listeners

It’s clear from these numbers that Lisa has a larger following on all the Insta & Spotify platform with a total of 107.8 million as compared to jisoo’s 81.6 million.

2. Net Worth:

Lisa Vs Jisoo : Net Worth
  • Jisoo: As of 2023, Jisoo’s net worth was estimated to be around $20 million.
  • Lisa: As of 2023, Lisa’s net worth was estimated to be around $25 million.

In terms of net worth, Lisa is ahead by $5 million compared to Jisoo.

3. Awards and Achievements:

Jennie Vs Jisoo


  • Ten Asia Top Ten Awards:
    The Best Artist in the first half of 2023 in the UK 🥇
  • Daesang Korean Brand Awards:
    Female Soloist of The Year (Daesang) 🥇
  • Weibo TV Awards:
    Overseas Role of the Year 🥇
    Overseas TV Series of The Year – Snowdrop 🥇
  • Kmmunity K’tizens Choice Awards:
    Kmmunity K-Beauty Influencer of the Year 🥇
    Actress of The Year 🥇
  • DDU Drama Awards Thailand:
    Best New Actress 🥇
  • Weibo Starlight Awards:
    Starlight Hall of Fame (Korea) 🥇


  • The Standard:
    Person Of The Year 🥇
  • Guinness World Records:
    Most followers on Instagram for a K-pop artist 🥇
    First solo K-pop winner at the MTV Video Music Awards 🥇
    First solo K-pop winner at the MTV Europe Music Awards 🥇
  • MBC Entertainment Awards:
    Character of the Year (Major Award) – LISA 🥇
  • Weibo Starlight Awards:
    Popular Artist of the Year 🥇
    Starlight Hall of Fame (Southeast Asia) 🥇
  • Pop Hub Awards Poland:
    Favorite Kpop Video – LALISA 🥇
  • Cosmic Awards:
    Best Selling Kpop Song – Money 🥇
  • MTV EMA:
    Best K-Pop 🥇

4. Endorsement Deals:

Lisa Vs Jisoo


  • Jisoo has had endorsements with major brands like Cartier , DIOR, and Kiss me as well as clothing brand MICHAA.


  • Lisa has had endorsements with major brands like Bulgari, Celine, and Mac as well as Adidas, Pen Shoppe, AIS Thailand, Chivas Regal and South Korean cosmetics brand Moonshot. Her association with these brands has added significantly to his income.

5. Global Recognition:

  • JISOO: Jisoo, a member of the K-pop sensation BLACKPINK, enjoys immense global recognition. Her remarkable talent, striking beauty, and presence on the international stage have made her an iconic figure in the world of music and fashion, captivating fans worldwide.
  • Lisa: Lisa from BLACKPINK enjoys significant global recognition due to her dynamic performances and international fanbase. She’s not only a K-pop sensation but also a fashion icon and brand ambassador, making her a global star..

6. Legacy:

  • JISOO: Jisoo’s legacy is marked by her significant contributions to the global music industry. As a key member of BLACKPINK, she helped popularize K-pop on a worldwide scale, earning a dedicated fan base across the globe. Her influence extends to fashion and beauty, with numerous brand endorsements.
  • Lisa: Lisa’s legacy is a testament to her groundbreaking influence in both the music and fashion industries. As a BLACKPINK member, she set new standards in K-pop, with her rap skills contributing to the global success of hits like “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” Moreover, her status as a global brand ambassador for luxury houses like Celine underscores her transformative impact on fashion.

7. Social Impact:

JISOO: here are some examples of Lisa’s social impact:

  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Empowering Young Artists
  • Global Charitable Initiatives
  • Global Cultural Exchange

Lisa: here are some examples of Lisa’s social impact:

  • Advocate for Animal Welfare
  • Support for UNICEF
  • Empowering Young Artists
  • Global Charitable Initiatives
  • Cultural Bridge Builder

8. Global Impact:

  • JISOO: Jisoo’s global impact is profound. As a BLACKPINK member, she’s played a pivotal role in the K-pop wave’s worldwide success, captivating fans internationally. Her advocacy for diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality resonates across cultures, and her philanthropic efforts have made a positive mark on a global scale. Jisoo remains an influential figure with a significant, far-reaching impact.
  • Lisa: Lisa’s global impact is profound, extending far beyond her music and fashion success. As a member of BLACKPINK, she’s captured the hearts of fans worldwide, while her philanthropic work and advocacy for social causes have made her an inspiration to a diverse, global audience.

Conclusion :

Statistical analysis suggest that Lisa IS MORE POPULAR THAN JISOO with respect to reach and impact, but popularity, in its essence, transcends mere numbers. Both Lisa vs Jisoo have left an indelible mark on the world of music, fashion, and social influence. Their individual strengths and contributions are unique, and fans worldwide cherish them equally. Ultimately, the “Lisa vs. Jisoo” debate is a testament to the enduring popularity and appeal of both artists, and it underscores the rich tapestry of talents within BLACKPINK that continues to entertain global audiences.

Ultimately, the beauty of this comparison lies in celebrating their individuality, recognizing that both Lisa vs jisoo shine brightly in their unique ways, and together, they contribute to the ever-evolving allure of K-pop on a global scale.

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